Tuesday 9 Feb. “Re-imagining Well-Being: Digitally Connecting the Dots…Ageing, Music, ICT & the Climate Crisis” 10:00 – 11:15 am

We are delighted to participate in the 59th United Nations Commission for Social Development, on Tuesday, 9 Feb for the virtual session: “Re-imagining Well-being: Digitally Connecting the Dots…Ageing, Music, ICT & the Climate Crisis”. A gathering of international experts from Austria, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Tanzania, and the United States will explore ways that digital technology can enhance a “Society for All Agnes.”

Statistics show that by 2050, there will be 1.5 billion persons over 65 years of age (the “AgeQuake”). How Information-communication Technology will be used to support healthcare during the COVID crisis and as a bridge to eliminate the isolation of seniors, and how music can serve as a catalyst to expand worldviews and point to multilateralism can lead to larger social change in urban settings. This session of non-traditional new global leaders and experts will leverage their insights and wisdom to address four key elements for enhancing “Better Living…Adding Life to Years” by connecting the dots of the inter-linked SDG’s, New Urban Agenda, technology, and smart cities as more “human-oriented cities” …a practical holistic mindset!  They will link in real-time to determine how creative innovations and abilities can be impacted through ICT. The 5th edition of the Music Compendium: Global Resource:Solutions for Cultural, Social, Health, Educational, Environmental and Economic Issues” features 109 projects illustrating the important role music plays in enhancing well-being. These successful projects gathered from over 50 UN Member States are digitally accessed for practical review and communication.

A call-to-action will be proposed at the end of the workshop.

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