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“Transformation, Finance, & the Creative Economy” – as part of the Windsor Consultation series

24-26 October: Within the framework of the global consultations on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Post 2015 and Habitat III  the International Council for Caring Communities (ICCC) is organizing an international working session composed of a non-traditional gathering of government representatives, private sector, entrepreneurs, academics and health decision-makers to leverage their insights and expertise in addressing three major elements for enhancing “Better Living…Adding Life to Years” by mainstreaming and connecting the dots between Transformation, Finance, & the Creative Economy. This Consultation is part of the “Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope…Imagining the Possible” Dialogue Series which has addressed the challenges facing a rapidly urbanizing world since 1994.  This event will be held at St. George’s House, Windsor Castle, UK.

Creative Economies – Thursday 21 April 2022

We look forward to your joining us Thursday, 21 April 2022 for the virtual session: “Creative Economies” at 8:00 AM (EST); 8:00 PM (Beijing).  Harnessing Creative Practical Solutions towards “Imagining the Possible!”. Renowned experts from China, Germany, Japan, Scotland, the United Kingdom, and the United States look forward to sharing successful endeavors which benefit developed and developing countries.   This session is organized to support the United Nations International Creativity and Innovation Day.

This session will consider perspectives from a multi-strategic group of international experts addressing the impact of creative economies using collaborative and transformative processes.  To stimulate new endeavors and mindsets presentations from business, academia, NGOs and medicine will include decentralized creative economies; endless cities-a new growth model; innovative finance for creative economies; a unique community communication method -“project fold” and the innovation sheath. Featured Change-Agents are striving to impact-fully influence change beyond their respective area of competence, examples include film and documentary makers who track successful entrepreneurial initiatives for use by the creative industries; business entrepreneurs enabling cross-generational initiatives from blockchain to kimonos re-purposed, and a medical professional developing individualized neoplasm decision platform on the basis of circulating tumor cell characteristics.

Please contact us directly for more details on the event.

Creative Economies Background

Creative Economies Concept Note

Creative Economies Speaker Bios

Hyperconnectivity – Connecting the Dots: Poverty, Hunger, and Achieving Sustainability in a Recovering post-COVID World

We look forward to your joining us Wednesday, 9 February 2022, 10-11:15 AM (EST)  for the  virtual session “Hyperconnectivity – Connecting the Dots: Poverty, Hunger, and Achieving Sustainability in a Recovering post-COVID World.”    Renowned Change -Agents from  China, Israel, Kenya, the United States, and United Nations look forward to sharing successful endeavors that can enhance a “Society for All Ages and Abilities.”

What is “Hyperconnevitity”? How has ICT changed the world?   The session will feature practical models, cutting-edge products, unique methods for children’s environmental education using Music with specially designed books, and harnessing the innovative voice of the next generation of youth leadership.

This session is organized in support of the 60th United Nations Commission for Social Development

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