Agequake Student Designers Fellowship

Society for Agequake Student Designers Fellowship 

Fellowship Overall Purpose:

To provide future leadership and meaningful opportunities for Competition winners, a group of university students, to give back to their local society, particularly older persons by: a) Applying their knowledge and expertise; b) Harnessing and developing a corps of fellows as “Ambassadors” for local authorities and non- profit organizations; and c) linking these talented and uniquely trained future leaders to be of service to those at the regional and local levels, in the public and private sector and to NGO’s.

Fellowship Program:

The winners from the Student Competition are eligible to become fellows and would have the opportunity to participate in a three or six-month fellowship within their home country that will align with their professional interests. Students will seek out opportunities that work to give back to their communities while utilizing the students’ unique background and knowledge. Their research and recommendations will be published in their local language and English so that a global network may benefit from their work.

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Experiences from Fellows

2018 Fellows Projects

Esther Mbibo

Nancy Arbogast

Nabil Abdallah

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Fellows Project Summaries