Windsor Consultation


The “Age of Connectivity: Cities, Magnets of Hope” Windsor Dialogues Series was established in 2006, spearheaded by the International Council for Caring Communities in cooperation with United Nations partners and the private sector. This Consultation builds on the successful High-Level Working Session, held at United Nations Headquarters, by broadening the scope of involved experts and decision-makers with a Cross-Sectoral focus. The purpose of the Windsor High-Level Consultation is to raise awareness and stimulate new mindsets to consider implementing by stimulating a new holistic approach by connecting the dots: health, rehabilitation, urban planning and ICT toward enhancing a Society for All Ages.

Results and recommendations from this event will stimulate the implementation of result-oriented solutions through presentations at United Nations Commissions and Forums, as well as, other related venues. Actions will be taken to delineate, develop, up-scale and implement programs related to local cultures. It will also explore how a holistic approach enhanced by technology can be incorporated to facilitate the improvement of life for all. The overall mission of the Consultation is to disseminate know-how and determine areas of cooperation and collaboration among participants as well as to develop a plan of action as delineated by the working sessions.

Objective and Outcomes:

This Windsor Consultation is designed to review, analyze and assess the current status of successful practices in the fields of digital innovation, maternal and child health, rehabilitation, education, and ageing and to propose viable recommendations for potential successful projects. Unique to this “results-oriented” gathering is that it encourages the practical implementation of new models of partnerships, spearheads rethinking of priority actions and strengthens the effectiveness of existing institutional frameworks and implementation mechanisms. By definition, this will require different approaches that draw on new mindsets and resources encouraging actors to explore a variety of partnerships to enhance a “Society for All Ages.”


The format of the Consultation includes plenary sessions and four breakout groups. The Consultation will raise and discuss certain specific issues in order to establish the essential building blocks for productive sharing of experiences and future actions. The Consultation will include:

1. Presentation of the topic and briefing from the United Nations partners suggested outcomes will be explored;

2. Presentation of local successful projects and endeavors by participants from both developed and  developing countries in the area of digital innovation, health, and rehabilitation as well as eduction. Explore partnerships and cooperation opportunities;

3. Call for actions to support the new innovations and upscale successful projects. .


The Consultation takes place at St. George’s House within Windsor Castle itself.  The origins of the venue date back to 1384 when it was established as a place where people of influence and responsibility could come together to explore and develop ideas and possible solutions to the problems of the day.

Further information on previous Windsor events can be located under the Activities-Events tab beginning in 2006.

**Please note this is an invitation only event**