List of Awards

  • ICCC Head of State Visionary Award
  • ICCC Caring Citizen of the World Award
  • ICCC Corporation with Social Responsiblity Award
  • ICCC Caring Citizen of the Humanities Award
  • Pioneer Award
  • Public-Private Sector Leadership Award

ICCC has declared since its inception that private enterprises and individuals that help society improve its communities and social public activities should be recognized as an essential goal.

“ICCC Head of State Visionary” AWARD

  • Dr. Leonel Fernandez Reyna, President of the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development, Former President of Dominican Republic
  • H.E. Natsagiin Bagabandi, President of Mongolia

“ICCC Caring Citizen of the World” AWARD

  • Dr. Josephine Ojiambo, Immediate Former Deputy Secretary-General of the Commonwealth of Nations, Kenya
  • Mr. Xiao Wunan, Executive Vice Chairman, Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation
  • Dr. Linamara Rizzo Battistella, Minister of the State of Sao Paulo for Rights of Persons with Disability, Brazil
  • Ambassador Francis Lorenzo, President of South-South News
  • Dr. Joe Beasley, Chairman, The Joe Beasley Foundation
  • Senator Roy Goodman, President and CEO, United Nations Development Corporation
  • Ambassador Julia Alvarez, Permanent Mission of the Dominican Republic to the United Nations
  • Ambassador Samuel Insanally, Permanent Mission of Guyana to United Nations
  • Dr. Wally N’Dow, Former Sec. Gen. Habitat II, United Nations Centre for Human Settlements, Presently at United Nations Development Program
  • Ambassador Juan Somavia, Permanent Mission of Chile to the United Nations, Presently: Director General ILO
  • Commissioner Aurelio Fernandez Lopez, 2nd World Assembly on Ageing for the United Nations, Madrid, Spain

“ICCC Corporation with Social Responsibility” AWARD

  • Tahitian Noni International
  • Grupo Ferrovial, S,A., Spain
  • ASTA/Medica, Inc., Germany
  • Chelsea Piers Management, USA
  • Sekisui House, Ltd.

“ICCC Caring Citizen of the Humanities” AWARD

  • Dr. Roderick Hackney, Director, Kansara Hackney Ltd
  • Dean Urs Peter Gauchat, Founder Gauchat Architects, Dean Emeritus and Professor, College of Architecture and Design, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Ms. Julia Fernandez, Actress and disability rights campaigner
  • Dr. Saleem, Chair and Founder of the International Foundation for Mother & Child Health
  • Amb. Dianne Watson, Former U.S. Congresswoman and Foreign U.S. Ambassador
  • Odetta, Folk-singer and ethno-musicologist
  • Dr. Eamon Kelly, Chairman, National Science Board (USA)
  • Gloria Starr Kins, United Nations Editor, Washington International, Editor, UN Diplomate Times
  • Professor Seiei Toyama, Founder, Japanese Association for Greening the Deserts
  • Conductor Benjamin Zander, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra

” ICCC Caring Citizen of the Humanities: Music and Development”

  • Ms. Gail Jones, Joint Managing Director, UKFast
  • Ms. Wang Yuzhe, Director Quintessenco Hulan Buir Children’s Choir, Inner Mongolia

” ICCC Caring Citizen of the Humanities: Medicine and Music”

  • Dr. Mathew H.M. Lee, M.D, President, Rusk Without Walls & Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU Medical Center
  • Dr. Yeou-Cheng Ma, M.D., Clinical Professor and Executive Director, Children’s Orchestra Society

“Pioneer” AWARD

  • Mr. John Kent, President and Founder of Equitable Communitites
  • Dr. Motoo & Emiko Kusakabe, Founds of the Open City Institute
  • Ms. Tingyu Gong, Executive Director, Fortune Global Holding Limited, China-Chain Enterprises, Limited
  • Mr. William Colson, President, Holiday Retirement Corp.
  • Dubai Municipality, UAE accepted by H.E. Qassim Sultan, Director General
  • Governor Jaime Lerner, State of Parana, Brazil
  • Adele C. Smithers-Fornaci, President, Smithers Foundation
  • Neil Solomon, MD, PhD, First Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene for State of Maryland, Medical advisor and author

“ICCC Public-Private Sector Leadership” AWARD

  • Mr. Bernhard Windrich, CEO, Normfest GmbH, Germany
  • Copel Energy Corporation, Brazil
  • Mr. Frederick Clough, Chairman, Mowland Publication and Chairman, Dane Enterprises
  • Mr. Bryan Montgomery, The Montgomery Network, United Kingdom
  • Mr. Shingo Nomura, Chikyu China Network 2000, Japan